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How to Practice with an "On Demand" Class

  1. Click HERE for Kate's booking portal.

  2. At the top right, you'll see three lines - click on those.

  3. Click "videos".

  4. You can filter the classes to find the style (pregnancy, vinyasa) or key word (hips, morning) you're looking for. Just press the 3 descending lines by the drop down menu (top right).

  5. Click the 'i' in the bottom right corner of the picture of a video for a descriptive blurb.

  6. Click the photo of the chosen class to be given an option of 'purchase' or 'preview'.  (You can preview the class for free).

  7. When you've chosen, click 'Purchase'. 

  8. You can buy a single view (£5), 5 class pass (£20) and 10 class pass (£30).

  9. When you've paid, return to the "videos" page and click again on the class you chose - it will now play.  NB: When you start the class, you can't stop it and decide to play it later or on a different platform, so only start it when you're ready to practice!

Any questions or issues email

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