having grown up in new york and los angeles, kate walker (nee harrell) started studying yoga in 1998.  she was the weakest, most inflexible person in the yoga room, but persevered as the quiet and calm internal state was unlike anything she had ever known.  after a few years, she felt that the strong, dynamic, flowing yoga classes she loved often lacked both the time to breathe deeply and slowly, and alignment-based instruction to keep her safe and conscious.  kate decided to start teaching.  she first was qualified by tripsichore yoga, and then max strom's advanced teacher training in venice, california, then took part in other teacher trainings and intensives, including with seane corn, rodney yee and annie carpenter.  kate now teaches a slow, mindful, conscious but strong and challenging style of vinyasa flow, with attention to breath and alignment.  she specialises in teaching multi-levels, with options for all levels at every turn, so that students can work with respect to their own bodies rather than their egos.  kate believes yoga is a way of life that has the power to make us kinder, more patient, more loving and full of grounded peace.  kate is also qualified to teach pregnancy yoga and is a certified doula (through her study with dr. michel odent).  kate is one of the most popular teachers at london’s top yoga studios, triyoga and the life centre.  she also teaches privately to an extensive client list including celebrities, mums and stressed out businessmen!  she also teaches weekend, 5-day and week-long retreats worldwide.  she is married to james walker and they have a dog called billy.


to max strom, for constantly inspiring me and being my true teacher, even from afar.

for all my other teachers in their various forms (with special thanks to edward clark and nadia narain)

to mimi kuo-deemer, for taking the wonderful photos on this site.

to linda blandford and eben harrell, for being my roots.

to my husband, james, for being my heart's home.

to my students and friends, for keeping their hearts open.



balance effort and surrender with vinyasa flow yoga as taught by kate walker

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